Running Fit presents...

Run  Woodstock!

3 Days of Peace, Music and Running!!!

Thank you for wanting to be a “roadie”! Volunteers are the heart and soul of Run Woodstock and it couldn't be done without you!

Our goal is to create a positive environment where our volunteers (roadies!) have a groovy time while providing much needed support to our runners.

We have many super cool jobs to choose from... bet you can find one that speaks to the helpful hippie in you!

Set Up

Come help out with Set Up! Tents, stages, banners, finish, camp sites, decorate, make Woodstock look like WOODSTOCK!


Handing out bibs, pins, and shirts!

Hippie Host/Hostess

You get to be the first friendly hippie face the runners get to meet! Bring a friend, chat, wave your arms, and meet everyone! Help us get everyone where they are going...registration, hippie commune sites, get the drill! We'll be lost without you!

Security Detail

Man the gate! Keep our race site secure! You will be trained ahead of time.

Camp Director

Speak to campers, assist them to their camp sites, explain camp boundaries and rules. Park 100MI/K.

Aid Station

Probably the most important job of all. You're like a bands' personal assistant... except they're runners and they have WAY fewer demands... in fact, they don't demand at all, they usually thank you for providing them with much needed food stuff, beverages, info, kudos, and applause! There are a number of these stations and we need to staff them all with an A+ crew of caring, supportive, attentive people. Sound like you? Far out!

Finish Line

Wanna be one of the faces our runners see at the end of their long journey? Boy, will they be happy to see YOU! If you don't mind sweaty hi-fives (or maybe even hugs) and love to clap and cheer people on, then this is the job for you!

Awards Table

Fun! Rewarding! Exciting! You get to put smiles on runners faces by handing out age group awards, Ultras finisher medals... and you get to "guard the buses" (you'll see what we mean)

Food Table

Like being a waitress, but easier. Hand out food to starving runners, receive thanks, repeat about a thousand times. Done.

Jack/Jill of All Trades...

A great job for the guy or gal that does not like to sit still and can find something to do even IF there is a lull in the action! Jack of all trades....maybe even a master of one or two! You get to do various and assorted jobs around the campground....our hero! You could be handing out medals one minute, parking cars the next, directing runners on the course here and there, cleaning up trash for a bit, and then dishing out lasagna! Don't worry we'll have gloves and a bathroom with running water to wash your hands in in between!

Clean & Tidy Up Crew

Well, this is a job that really speaks for itself... it's not glamorous, but it's the one we're most thankful for!

Just click the SIGN UP button and we'll get you all set to join the best crew in the business...

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