Volunteer Sign-up - DWD Hell Sept 20, 2014 - TWENTIETH ANNIVERSARY!

You want to volunteer in Hell?

Are you SURE?!?

Oh, we're just kidding, of course you do!  Who wouldn't want to be on the Dirt Crew?  In fact, we've been known to turn people away!

So, you lucky devil dog, just fill in all the info below and one of our Head Minions will contact you shortly... 


  • If you are available to work more than one shift that is AWESOME!! But please make sure not to select shifts that overlap.

  • If you are running a race or plan on doing a scheduled activity, please do not select a job that conflicts with your other commitments.

  • Volunteers must be 18 or older to be on their own, unless prior permission has been given by the race director.

Thank You for signing up for the Dirt Crew! We can't wait to get in the dirt with you!

Hell-acious Opportunities:

Ultra Aid Station Help: Cheer the runners on, feed/water them, direct them... a fun and rewarding job!

Parking Rat: Pretty much what the name implies... you get to tell people where to go...

Registration: Crazy busy for a while, but cooliest job evah!!!

Set Up: Oh yeah, you'll be busy... we have a lot of stuff:)

Exchange Rat: Mostly a job of crowd and traffic control.

Finish Line: Your smiling face at the end of a long, hard run... priceless!  

Pizza & Pop Tent: Dish out pizza and pop!

Awards: You'll be the life of the party!

Tear Down/Clean Up: Eh, not glamorous... but necessary. and we'll thank you the most.

Course Marshall: Yet another chance to tell people where to go!

Road Crossing Angels: A good chance to earn volunteer credit and read a book or chat with your friend! Bring a friend! This is a very important job, helping the runners to get across the road safely!

Data Entry: You get to hang in the tent with the DIRT CREW!!

Half Moon Helpers: A little of this and a little of that! Perfect for the person that doesn't like to sit still!

Course Markers: The most important behind the scene job there is! If we didn't have you the runners would all be lost in the woods!  Wait...that sounds fun....Anyways this job does require some pre-race day training with the Swamp Dog, but don't worry he is a great teacher.

THURSDAY, September 18th

Feel free to work more than one shift! We'll be there!

FRIDAY, September 19th

Wait, don't go! We're here today too! We hope you'll stay for more than one shift!

SATURDAY, September 20th - RACE DAY!

Choose one, two or AS MANY SHIFTS as you can stand to work! Just make sure they don't overlap!

We're all ears! In the box below you can tell us things like:

  • i'm bringing a pop up / other fun stuff for my aid station
  • i'd like to have the same position i had last year as a ______________
  • i'm bringing my friend/mother/father/brother/coworker/therapist, please keep us together...their name is _____________
  • anything else we should know!


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