Volunteer Sign-up

Volunteer Opportunities:

Set Up: Get the dirt quarters set up, Prepare the registration area, Help the race come together before the race.

Registration: Distribute bibs, answer questions, meet lots of nice people.

Finish Line: Keep everything organized at the finish line.

Awards: Organize the awards area. Then hand out the awards! Assist at the finish line if needed.

Finish Line Food Table: Organize the bagels, muffins & bananas for early finishers. Keep it organized & refreshed and hand out to the runners.

Tear Down: Once the excitement is settling, take everything down and pack it up!

Course marshall: Direct runners on the course, tell people where to go.

Unmarking: The best job! Help take down ribbon and flags, get a run/walk in.

Aid Station: Re-fuel, water, cheer and aid runners

Parking: Make as many cars fit into any given area as possible

Road Crossing: keep runners safe

Friday, April 27 - Ann Arbor West Running Fit

****You are welcome to sign up for more than one day...in fact we'd love it if you did! Just make sure you don't sign up for shifts that overlap...unless you know how to be two places at once :)****

OH! And one more thing! Please plan to check in at least 30 minutes before your shift! Thanks!

Saturday, April 28 - Half Marathon

Sunday, April 29 - Marathon, 50K and Road Ends 5 Mile

We're all ears! In the box below you can tell us things like:

  • i'm bringing a pop up / other fun stuff for my aid station
  • i'd like to have the same position i had last year as a ______________
  • i'm an experienced ultra runner! (not a job requirement, but helps us with our planning!)
  • I can come early and stay late! <-- our favorite response!


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